Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Troodos is the biggest mountain range of Cyprus, located in the centre of the island. Troodos' highest peak is Mount Olympus at 1,952 meters.

Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. There are many famous mountain resorts, Byzantine monasteries and churches on mountain peaks, and nestling in its valleys and picturesque mountain villages clinging to terraced hill slopes.

There are 9 churches and 1 monastery in Troodos that are counted among UNESCO's World Heritage Sites and several other monasteries, of which the Kykkos monastery is the most famous and rich.


17 Jul 2003 - Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Our exercise on Cyprus was far from all military training and much time was spent on adventure training. Obviously, being a Mediterranean island there was plenty of water and beach activities but we also had mountain biking on the agenda and were taken up into the Troodos Mountains and the mythical home of the Greek Gods, Mount Olympus.

Although I didn't manage to spot any gods I did get some magnificent views of the mountains as I cycled up and down the mountain tracks. Some were treacherous shingle tracks that some of my colleagues foolishly took at great speed and others were narrow tracks around the sides of mountains enclosed by fir trees. This really was freedom and if fit enough you can power up and down the narrow tracks seeing fantastic sights you never normally wouldn't. It was physically demanding cycling in the this rough terrain but thankfully the higher altitude reduced the temperature and made it bearable which is why it is popular with the heat-intolerant. The Troodos region mountains, in the country's south, are unforgettable and may be the one place where you're free of package tourists.

Troodos is littered with 15th century frescoed monasteries, wine-making villages and pleasant walking trails if the vigour of mountain biking isn't your thing.

Some would say that this was very much a jolly financed by the tax payer but one thing we had to pay for out of our own pocket was a weekend trip to Cairo and the Pyramids Travel Blogs from Cairo 2003. Having said that, it didn't cost very much at all and it again was another great jolly which we got paid for.

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