31 Jan 2009 - Colchester, England

I'd visited Colchester Castle a number of years ago but what is missing is a tour of the rest of this historical town. This visit combined a day trip with a quick recce to find traces of the old town which are easily missed yet have a tale behind them. I found enough to want to pen in a summer visit when following the history trail can be done far more comfortably. For now though, a few pictures of Colchester Castle will suffice.

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Colchester - Colchester Castle Main Entrance

Colchester - Colchester Castle Main Entrance

Colchester Castle is the largest keep ever built by the Normans and was constructed between 1076 and 1125, with extensive re-use of brick and tile from the ruined Roman town. It is built on the foundations of the great Roman Temple of Claudius.
Colchester - Colchester Castle

Colchester - Colchester Castle

The keep has been altered considerably over the centuries. The upper part was demolished in the 1690's. The ruin was adapted in the 18th century and a domed tower and tiled roof was added.
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Simon - 3 Jun 2012, 09:30:40 PM

Colchester is a great place to visit. I have added details of the events and places of interest for Colchester Park at http://www.colchestercastlepark.co.uk

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