15 Sep 2007 - Ipswich, England

Suffolk has many spots of natural beauty and one place that falls into this category are the locations of Flatford and Dedham Vale. This area is better known as Constable Country, named after the famous artist who became renowned for his landscape paintings of the area. His landscapes depicting country lanes, springtime fields and creeks may be romantic visions of the past but the old charm still exists.

His most famous works include The Hay Wain of 1821, painted in Flatford, the exact location is remarkably recognisable today. The whole area affords relaxation in scenic countryside where once can wander in the fields, walk past cows and follow the slow running river - all ready made for a lazy summer day.

Nearby and a short walk away is Dedham, with country pubs and restaurants selling excellent food.
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Flatford - Location for The Haywain

Flatford - Location for The Haywain

15 meters left of where this photograph was taken was where John Constable painted what is one of his most famous paintings. When compared to the actual painting what is recognisable is Willie Lotts house but what is different is the level of water and the amount of vegetation that obscures some of the view.
Flatford - House near 'The Hay Wain'

Flatford - House near 'The Hay Wain'

This picture is of a house near the location where The Hay Wain was painted. It has no significance other than it is beautiful looking house which is most certainly very old.

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