22 Jul 2009 - Inverness, Scotland

The drive to Inverness is typical for the highlands of Scotland and if you are the driver you need to try and keep focused on the road rather than the mountains and lochs. The route from Loch Lomond takes the traveller through The Great Glen which is a spectacular line of lochs stretching from Fort William and Inverness. It's one of the worlds major geological fault lines, created by intense thermal activity 400 million years ago. It contains Britains deepest freshwater lake, Loch Ness. We stayed in the campsite in Inverness and over a couple of days, explored Inverness, the nearby battlefield at Culloden and even took an optimistic trip out into the Moray Firth. No dolphins though.
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Inverness - Inverness Castle

Inverness - Inverness Castle

At the heart of the town and towering over the river, Inverness Castle is a more recent construction than most Highland fortifications - the present structure was built in 1847 though a defensive structure has existed here since the 11th century. In 1745 when the second major Jacobite Uprisings began, Inverness Castle was defended against the Jacobites by an Independent company from the Clan Ross who supported the British government. However soon afterwards when it was held by General Sir John Cope it fell to the Jacobite rebel leader Bonnie Prince Charlie who levelled it using explosives.

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