6 Nov 2004 - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a large city with lots to see and do. Some of it has been described above and lots can be read about in the many pages that exist on the internet about it. What I want to do though is capture a few shots that I think are special and represent what a visitor might see in a visit to this city.
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Barcelona - Street act, devil

Barcelona - Street act, devil

The Ramblas is full of street 'art' and some of these 'artists' are nothing more than poorly made up con-artists who have no particular entertainment value. This chap though does impress as he makes a lot of effort with his two varieties of demon. When some money is paid into his box he also pulls off an entertaining 15 second act.
Barcelona - Gypos

Barcelona - Gypos

These sorts are a lot more unsavoury and should be swept away by the police. They work the streets, sometimes in groups, begging with a look on their face that says they are living in misery. Well, if you look at the size of some of these you will see they are having no problems feeding themself. What is more disgusting is that they involve their children in this begging for sympathy. Its an excellent apprenticeship because the kids do the same and I have seen a number of young teenagers copying their filthy elders.

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