13 Jun 2008 - Hadrians Wall, England

Roman history has always had me fascinated and not only because of the civilisation itself but also because of how much it shaped European history. Hadrian's Wall is one of the most extensive archeological monuments in England and stretches across England from East to West. The wall is 73 miles long but the Hadrian's Wall Path is over 84 miles and takes you along the wall where possible.

It was my intention to do the whole walk in 4 days even though the guidebooks talk about 6 or 7 days allowing time to see the many monuments along the way. I met Adam (whom I last did a long distance walk with) Travel Blogs from Patagonia, 2001 in Carlisle and we then drove on to Bowness On Solway which is the most Westerly point of the wall.

As we met up so late we spent the evening at the local pub having a few beers and getting information from the very friendly locals. Adam did most of the fact finding and found out that one of the locals, 'Ernie' is known for being willing to allow people to put their tent up in his back garden for a couple of pints.

I was equipped with a 27kg bergen and kit, 2kg of which was pasta, 4.5kg of water, a poncho and sleeping kit (a gortex bivvi bag and sleeping bag to go inside) plus the usual things e.g. spare clothes, gas cooker etc). This is a fair weight but I wanted to be self sufficient for the full 4 days of hiking.
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