8 Dec 2009 - Hong Kong, China

Ten years after my first trip to Hong Kong my overarching memories from this are not having eaten enough. Therefore this holiday had two purposes; to be an eating holiday and to see some of my roots. Bonham Strand (East) is one root and I saw this last time I was here in '99. Still, memories of this are hazy and back then with a film camera I wasn't so snap happy either. Anyway, we landed in the early evening and after finding our hotel and a walk up and down Nathan Road it was time for the first gastronomic delight of the trip. Temple Street is the place to go for great food and the open air markets selling mainly clothes and electronic items. In Hong Kong you can rarely get away from the sight and smell of food which is not surprising when one Chinese greeting is, 'Have you eaten yet?'
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Hong Kong -  Possession Street

Hong Kong - Possession Street

Possession Street, so called because it is where a British naval contingent landed and claimed possession of the island on 26th January 1841.

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