31 Jul 2009 - Hadrians Wall (Heddon to Wallsend 15 miles), England

The end of the walk was 15 miles away and from looking at a map it also promised to be a very different one. For the first few miles out of Heddon the scenery was pretty much like the previous day; country views but with the added pleasure of a stroll along the rural end of the River Tyne.

The surroundings eventually morph into the poverty of the north east with accents too thick to understand and classrooms of teenage pregnant chav mums. Not to mention the graffiti, dog excrement and burned patches of land, presumably the sites of torched stolen cars. This open safari eventually gets left behind as the path snakes into the centre of Newcastle, past landmarks such as the Millennium Bridge.

The end of the Hadrian's Wall walk is the site of the fort of Segdunum, now known as Wallsend. The excavation forms part of an impressive museum and includes a full size reconstruction of a bath house.
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Hadrian's Wall - Wallsend (Segdenum)

Hadrian's Wall - Wallsend (Segdenum)

As the name implies, this lies at the very end of the wall, on the banks of the River Tyne. The fort was lost to housing in the 19th century but following excavations the whole fort has been laid out, reconstructions erected and a new museum and visitor centre opened. During Hadrian's time, a short length of wall ran down to the river and after being removed has been returned to the site and re-erected. The wall in this picture is a full size reconstruction. The foundations infront of it is the base of the actual wall.
Hadrian's Wall - Wallsend Vistor Centre

Hadrian's Wall - Wallsend Vistor Centre

Most of the section of the Wall walk at this section does not follow the line of Hadrian's Wall, which is mostly hidden under the streets of Newcastle. Instead, it roughly follows the bank of the Tyne for 15 miles. The visitor centre has an observation tower that allows the visitor to get a birds eye view of the fort and the layout of the buidlings.

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