20 Jul 2009 - Loch Lomond, Scotland

With Inverness being the eventual destination, a couple of days around Loch Lomond was the first stop on the route. We stayed at a campsite in Drymen and made several trips from here although it was a little too far from the coast to make a trip to the whisky islands for a spot of sampling worthwhile. Finding this campsite was lucky as with it being peak tourist season finding accommodation was a bit like Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. A loch side location would have been ideal and the perfect spot was spotted but alas, no room at the inn.
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Loch Lomond - The beauty of the Loch

Loch Lomond - The beauty of the Loch

Scotland is such beautiful country although there are not many locations along the loch side (at least on the west side) that you can stop off without being conscious of other tourists, such is the popularity of the area.
Loch Lomond - Travel through the highlands I

Loch Lomond - Travel through the highlands I

After spending some time around Loch Lomond and a trip to Inverary it was time to make the journey north, through the highlands and then back down again to Loch Ness and Inverness. Make sure you aren't the driver though as there is a very real risk of driving off the side of a mountain as you gaze at the breathtaking vistas.
Loch Lomond - Highland cloud

Loch Lomond - Highland cloud

More scenery.

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