25 Jul 2009 - Oban, Scotland

Scotland is beautiful and after an eyeful of the wild countryside between Loch Lomond and Loch Ness there is no real reason to visit Oban other than for a tour of the distillery and tasting. If you are from Oban you might have something to say about that!
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Oban - Oban harbour from McCaig's Tower

Oban - Oban harbour from McCaig's Tower

McCaig built this folly as a lasting monument to his family, and provide work for the local stonemasons during the winter months. McCaig was an admirer of Roman and Greek architecture, and had planned for an elaborate structure, based on the Colosseum in Rome. His death brought an end to construction with only the outer walls completed and thus Oban has its own 'Colosseum'. Visit this for good views over the bay. 5 minutes should do it.

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