19 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

The first day in resort and the weather was clear and not too cold so you could say ideal ski conditions. My pal, Nick decided to stay in bed because of late arrival the night before so I skied alone. It was always going to be like this though as I can ski and for Nick it was his first time. He had no trouble going out that evening though as the final picture testifies. Lighting a cigarette with an aerosol; now that's a gamble. Like putting a grenade with a faulty pin next to your face.
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Bansko - View across the Razlog valley

Bansko - View across the Razlog valley

From the lofty vantage point on a beautiful day you can see right across the Razlog valley. The nearest town that can be seen is Bansko though Razlog is also in the picture.
Bansko - The view from the gondola station

Bansko - The view from the gondola station

As you exit the gondola station after the 15 minute trip from the base of the mountain you are encountered with the baby slopes on the right and the Alberto Tomba run to the left.
Bansko - Looking down the Alberto Tomba run

Bansko - Looking down the Alberto Tomba run

The most demanding slope on the mountain, the Alberto Tomba competition slope ensures it has your attention and even for fit, regular rest stops at the site are needed.

At the bottom to the left you can see the baby slopes where those are found looking to renew their acquaintance with the snow or beginners can develop their skills.
Bansko - Near the top of Shiligarnika ski area

Bansko - Near the top of the Shiligarnika ski area

A view up towards the top of the peak. The slope is moderately demanding and the snow is often deep with many bumps to keep the skier alert.
Bansko - A good way to blow your head off

Bansko - Apres ski

In one of the many bars catering for the apres ski crowd, the barman shows a unique way of lighting a cigarette.

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