29 Aug 2008 - Ibiza (Calla Bassa), Spain

Calla Bassa is a small bay about 6 kilometers west of San Antonio popular with sand lizards. It has a campsite located only a 10 minute walk away on a small road through a pine wood. On this night we met up with 4 great lasses, some of whom I knew from the UK. Ruth is taking time out to travel and is on her Ibiza portion of the trip along with Geanette. Clare and Tara were on a short holiday like us. We spent the evening drinking beers and mojitos at their campsite bar which was a perfectly chilled evening in contrast to the havoc of the night before.

At about 2 AM we took a stroll to the beach and had a fantastic experience chatting under the star filled sky and easily visible milky way. We made our return at about 4 AM but got lost in the dark which made for a mini adventure getting back through the woods. In the right places, Ibiza isn't all about 'giving it large' and is so much more than The Strip!
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Ibiza - Calla Bassa campsite

Ibiza - Calla Bassa campsite

From staying in an air conditioned hotel room to the air conditioning of sleeping outdoors for the night!

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