5 Apr 1999 - Pompeii, Italy

After reading so much about Pompeii, this was my first visit and after an overnight train journey from Ferrara I was more than ready to explore this ruin and almost travel back in time. Its easy to rush through from monument to monument particularly if you are short of time but the best way to appreciate it is to take your time and read all you can about what you are looking at and learn the relevance of it to Pompeii's people and their way of life.
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Valeria - 8 Dec 2008, 02:48:47 AM

Super site , grazie!

Gaia - 9 Mar 2009, 11:36:45 AM

>One of the bodies found in Pompeii, why this one has the skull exposed is question I would like to have answered so if you know why then please drop me a message. At a guess, I'd say there were three possibilities: 1) The man was bald, and therefore the ash settled right around his head without the empty areas that are found around most casts's skulls because of the victim's hair. 2) The casting process was specifically designed to leave most of the head uncovered for examination of the teeth and skull - on the other hand, if the excavators wanted the skull, they could have just picked it up out of the ash. 3) The top of the skull was uncovered first, and then the plaster was injected into the hollow in the ash under it, which would leave the skull uncovered. However, the believability of this depends on the horizontal/vertical position of the skeleton, which I don't know. Still, I'm thinking this option is the most likely. If anyone has a conflicting opinion, please share it.

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