30 Oct 2009 - Hamburg, Germany

Hot on the heels of a joyous trip to Munich came another short trip to Germany, this time to Hamburg. Plenty can be packed into a weekend if sleep is pushed to the periphery or naps are grabbed where possible e.g. bus and train travel - just remember to wake up for your stop. However, with Daizy forgetting her passport and a mad drive back to get it, the trip very nearly didn't happen.
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Hamburg - St Nikolai spire

Hamburg - St Nikolai spire

Germany's third highest spire is all that remains of St Nikolai church and in 1874, the world's tallest building. Ironically it was the clearly visible spire which served as marker for the bomber pilots during extensive air raids on Hamburg. On 28 July 1943 the church was heavily damaged by aerial bombs. The roof collapsed and the interior of the nave suffered heavy damage. The walls began to show cracks, yet they as well as the spire, did not collapse. It was only after the war that the walls were demolished. An elevator now takes visitors to a 75.3 metre-high platform inside the spire to enjoy history panels and a panoramic view over Hamburg.
Hamburg - Deichstrasse

Hamburg - Deichstrasse

Deichstrasse provides a glimpse of Hamburg before World War II and in this quiet street stands a row of gabled houses that were the homes and warehouses of 17th and 18th century merchants.
Hamburg - Nikolaifleet

Hamburg - Nikolaifleet

Just behind Deichstrasse is the Nikolaifleet. For those wanting to imagine old Hamburg this is the place where ships would have filled the canals, their crews heaving produce from the holds into warehouses via pulleys at the gables' peaks.

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