28 Aug 2008 - Ibiza (San Antonio), Spain

Known as the '10 years too late tour', this latest trip with Pat was to the infamous partying island of Ibiza. Over the years we have experienced many brash resorts favoured by the British and I've often come home vowing 'never again' but I've always had a curiosity about Ibiza and you can never be too old for anything.

The image of Ibiza is one of hedonism, alcohol fuelled mayhem and massive clubs banging out the latest tunes. So what is it like? Is it any different to other shit holes in the sun such as Malia of Crete, Falaraki of Rhodes or Tenerife's Veronicas? Upon arrival in resort nothing surprised and a number of English bars serving all day breakfasts were dotted around the place. We were staying in Sant Antoni de Portmany, otherwise known as San Antonio. It is notorious for it's nightlife and is predominantly aimed at the British.

San Antonio is home to a number of big clubs such as Eden and water party famous Es Paradis though this is something I didn't experience. What I did experience on this first night however was the the west end 'Strip' of bars which is everything that the other resorts mentioned above offer i.e. two for one drink deals and shots - the value of which though is doubtful - bar touts a plenty and even a couple of lap dancing bars.
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Ibiza - San Antonio, The Strip I

Ibiza - San Antonio, The Strip I

Our hotel was all inclusive so after a number of whiskeys we got the ferry across San Antonio harbour to The Strip which we recc'd in the afternoon. This photo is from near the top of The Strip and shows the narrow, bar packed street which has to be navigated.
Ibiza - San Antonio, The Strip II

Ibiza - San Antonio, The Strip II

Another view of The Strip from about half way down. This is where it gets most busy with punters and touts lining the street. It's a raucous place and can be seen with very different eyes when sober. However, as the drinks take effect you soon find yourself immune to the annoying touts and breeze through with ease and without hassle. I guess you reach a point where you get a drunk look in your eye as you storm about and therefore get left alone.
Ibiza - San Antonio, PR girls on The Strip I

Ibiza - San Antonio, PR girls on The Strip I

Like Eivissa Town (Ibiza Town), San Antonio also has it's own marketing girls parading around the streets in very little. I have very little idea what they were promoting though. This is something I haven't seen in other resorts hence is worth a photo - honest!!! Scenes like this are unique in my experiences of resort type holidays.
Ibiza - San Antonio, PR girls on The Strip II

Ibiza - San Antonio, PR girls on The Strip II

As in the previous photo, here are another bunch of PR girls advertising I know not what. The more covered up older one is presumably the 'madam'.

Some may question why such a photo has been taken but this kind of thing shows what Ibiza and in particular San Antonio is like - not just a chance to take pictures of scantily clad ladies!
Ibiza - San Antonio, Chan and Taylor hitting it hard on tour again

Ibiza - San Antonio, Chan and Taylor back hitting it hard

It's amazing to think that this nonsense with Pat began in Ixia, Rhodes 1995 after my university finals and here we are still doing it. However, we are now connoisseurs of this nonsense and take a more relaxed approach unlike the over excited youngsters. After doing The Strip we took a wander though some side streets and found a rare bar with very few English before making it back by about 5AM. We are so cultured.
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Pat - 11 Nov 2008, 06:51:25 PM

I dont recall the last bar you refer to - with very few English - in San Antonio??

BlogAndGo - 11 Nov 2008, 07:07:41 PM

Yes it was mate. We had a couple of bottles in there before you decided you had enough. That then led to hot dogs - you remember the hot dogs don't you????

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