October 2009

31 Oct 2009 - Laboe (U-995), Germany

I've had a long interest in the u-boat war; the machines ands the men and it was to my great surprise and joy to learn that close to Hamburg is the U995. By 1943, with huge losses suffered by the Kriegsmarine, Germany's submarines were considered obsolete. Nonetheless, production of the Type VIIC continued whilst new types were developed. U995 is actually a ...Read Laboe (U-995) blog»
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30 Oct 2009 - Hamburg, Germany

Hot on the heels of a joyous trip to Munich came another short trip to Germany, this time to Hamburg. Plenty can be packed into a weekend if sleep is pushed to the periphery or naps are grabbed where possible e.g. bus and train travel - just remember to wake up for your stop. However, with Daizy forgetting her passport and a mad drive back to get it, the tri ...Read Hamburg blog»
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3 Oct 2009 - Munich (Oktoberfest), Germany

In major cities Germany it's hard to know just how old the buildings are because of the wide spread destruction wrought in World War II. Munich was completely rebuilt following a meticulous and - by comparison to other war ravaged German cities - rather conservative plan which preserved its prewar street grid. This is probably the reason why Munich is so cha ...Read Munich (Oktoberfest) blog»
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