November 2009

21 Nov 2009 - Belgrade (The Kalemegdan), Serbia

With sore heads from the night before and very little sleep, the day time was dedicated to exploring just a little bit of Belgrade before hitting the drinks hard again in the night. A walk to the Kalemegdan, Belgrade's principal tourist attraction, took us through a few less important sites but the main intention was purely to while away a few hours before ...Read Belgrade (The Kalemegdan) blog»
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20 Nov 2009 - Belgrade (Belgrade Stag Do), Serbia

I must be getting old. Over the last year there has been a rash of friends getting married. If two is a rash. One of the chaps got married on the quick and inconsiderately did us all out of a stag do. Jint, the stag in question on this 'do' elected to bring his missus and her chums along thus also doing us out of another 'do'. A disastrous start to the trip ...Read Belgrade (Belgrade Stag Do) blog»
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