February 2009

28 Feb 2009 - Bansko (Zehtingievata Mexana), Bulgaria

Being an owner of an apartment in a complex in a foreign country it helps to know the other owners and if possible to form some kind of owners group. In the months before this visit I helped to set up such a group and the exchange of experiences and ideas has proven invaluable. Derek, one of the other very active members of this group visited at the same tim ...Read Bansko (Zehtingievata Mexana) blog»
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26 Feb 2009 - Bansko (Alpine Ski World Cup 2009), Bulgaria

This trip was the first time I had stayed in my apartment. That is my apartment. If my time wasn't spent skiing it was spent inspecting the apartment complex and in talks with the management company. It turned out that what they say is not what they do. Adding to the difficulty is their claim to certain rights which cannot possibly be true. Hours of t ...Read Bansko (Alpine Ski World Cup 2009) blog»
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25 Feb 2009 - Bansko (Up the Vihren), Bulgaria

Back to Bulgaria for a spot of business and skiing. The world recession has been particularly cruel to world property but even worse to those who bought by overextending themselves and now find that they either can't get a mortgage or can't afford it. Fortunately I'm not in that position but the unfortunate ones are panic selling; that and the general reduct ...Read Bansko (Up the Vihren) blog»
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22 Feb 2009 - Chester (U-Boot 534), England

A short drive outside of Chester and near the Mersey ferry is housed the now broken remains of a salvaged German World War II submarine. Unterseeboot 534 (U534) was a Type IXC/40 U-boat of the Kriegsmarine built in 1942. The U-boat is one of only four large German WWII submarines in preserved condition remaining in the world, the only other IXC boat being U- ...Read Chester (U-Boot 534) blog»
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21 Feb 2009 - Conwy, Wales

The last visit to Conway was at the end of a tiring mid December day that started at Caernarfon, some distance away. This visit started with a trip to Beaumaris but with the days becoming longer still gave enough time to capture the remaining sights of Conway. This trip also included a walk around the walls which at their highest point give an excellent view ...Read Conwy blog»
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20 Feb 2009 - Beaumaris, Wales

Beaumaris Castle was the last of Edward I's fortresses in North Wales. Work started in 1295 and continued for 35 years, with over 3,500 workmen employed at the peak of construction. Finances and material ran out when King Edward turned his attentions towards Scotland. Beaumaris Castle is concentric - a castle with two or more concentric rings of curtain wal ...Read Beaumaris blog»
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14 Feb 2009 - Ipswich (Framlingham Castle), England

Framlingham Castle is in the market town of Framlingham, 17 miles from Ipswich. It is unusual, especially for a castle of the time, because it had no keep or central stronghold, but merely a strong curtain wall defended by projecting towers which enclosed the courtyard and domestic buildings. Framlingham is a magnificent example of a late 12th century castl ...Read Ipswich (Framlingham Castle) blog»
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