April 2009

13 Apr 2009 - Goodrich (Goodrich Castle), England

In 1643 during the Civil War the Earl of Stamford garrisoned the castle for Parliament. In 1645 the castle became the scene of one of the most desperate sieges in Herefordshire. The siege continued into 1646. After being in the hands of Parliament, it was later occupied by a garrison led by the Royalist Sir Henry Lingen. It was attacked and besieged by Colon ...Read Goodrich (Goodrich Castle) blog»
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12 Apr 2009 - Caerphilly (Caerphilly Castle), Wales

Next on this Welsh tour was Caerphilly Castle, one of the truly great strongholds of medieval Europe. With its bold inner defences overlooking and commanding the lower outer walls and salients, Caerphilly is often cited as fine example of the 'concentric' or 'walls-within-walls' principle of fortification. The castle was built at breakneck speed in response ...Read Caerphilly (Caerphilly Castle) blog»
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11 Apr 2009 - Brecon (Brecon Beacons), Wales

Leaflets from the visitor centres provide a set of different walks but we opted for 'The Big One' which is an epic 11 mile circuit of the main summits and ridges of the central Brecon Beacons in a spectacular day's walk. This begins and ends at a small wood on the A470, 8 miles south of Brecon. This takes in Y Gyrn, Corn Du (873m), Pen-y-Fan (886m), Cribyn ( ...Read Brecon (Brecon Beacons) blog»
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10 Apr 2009 - Caerleon (Roman Amphitheatre), Wales

I have often read about Caerleon Roman Fortress and was delighted to find out that I would have to pass by to get to the Brecon Beacons, my main destination for this bank holiday weekend. The amphitheatre is just outside the Roman fortress of which a substantial amount can still be seen. Half of it is has been built over but the part that remains shows the w ...Read Caerleon (Roman Amphitheatre) blog»
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