March 2005

6 Mar 2005 - Reykjavik, Iceland

This was our last day in Iceland but there was still something that had to be done - take a revitalising bathe in the volcanic pools. Rumours of their restorative powers actually turned out to be true. Our hangovers left us and I even found that an Achilles tendon injury improved. Some pain came back after but writing this a week later, the injury has defini ...Read Reykjavik blog»
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5 Mar 2005 - Reykjavik, Iceland

Despite only having a few beers the night before I still woke up feeling like I'd been drinking - this is why it was fortunate we didn't get arrive in Iceland too early yesterday or today would have been misery. Remembering my promise to myself the night before, I made sure that I went down to breakfast. Pat was the only other person to make breakfast. Rich ...Read Reykjavik blog»
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4 Mar 2005 - Reykjavik, Iceland

Another marriage amongst the lads - this time the big man Nick Williams turning up the pressure for the rest of the lads to conform. The customary stag night destination was Iceland. The trip didn’t start off to well with the flight being delayed for an hour because the pilot couldn't be bothered turning up on time - apparently he got held up by traffic(!) ...Read Reykjavik blog»
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2 Mar 2005 - Barcelona, Spain

One more trip, one more look around and another good feed. It might be repetitive but wandering the streets and seeing how people live is enjoyable in itself - whilst also immersed in my own thoughts. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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