June 2005

20 Jun 2005 - San Marino, San Marino

My short tour of Italy comprised Bolgna and then Rimini - two very contrasting places. Though only having 5 days away including travel, a day trip was also squeezed in whilst staying in Rimini. Ideal as a day trip, San Marino has some impressive fortifications and the views all around are spectacular. You will also be unlikely to see such a density of souven ...Read San Marino blog»
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19 Jun 2005 - Rimini, Italy

Being an unprepossessing place, I never expected to return but return I did. As it is very close to Bologna, a city break followed by some beach time isn't a bad way to go. Rimini is also a superb base for a trip to nearby San Marino with buses regularly leaving from the main square. ...Read Rimini blog»
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18 Jun 2005 - Bologna, Italy

The next day was spent touring the city, visiting the markets and generally just wandering the streets. A good rest point and place to start exploring is from the Piazza Maggiore - the place I was last night. Its also another good place to rest and regain your bearings - particularly if you have the shadow of the Basilica de San Petronio behind you. A trip u ...Read Bologna blog»
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17 Jun 2005 - Bologna, Italy

My arrival in Bologna was the first stage of a long weekend to be spent in Bologna, Rimini and San Marino. Arriving in Bologna late, we had time to check in and walk through this atmospheric city into the centre of the old town to soak up the atmosphere of a warm Italian evening. Piazza Maggiore is the old town centre beset on all sides by a notable monument ...Read Bologna blog»
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