November 2001

26 Nov 2001 - The Countryside, Dominican Republic

The scenery was like something out of Jurassic Park but that's probably because it was - or so the guides tried to tell us. Despite my research I believe that Jurassic Park was shot elsewhere, mainly Hawaii. One interesting point was the number of kids who would stand at the side of the road with their hands raised to our transport shouting "Minta, Minta!" ...Read The Countryside blog»
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25 Nov 2001 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

En route to Santo Domingo we were taken to some spectacular caves in which the Taino natives had lived. The national language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish but even so you would expect a tour guide to speak English. Not our tour guide though. He continually repeated himself especially the phrase, 'Stalagmites, stalactites - stalactites go down, stalag ...Read Santo Domingo blog»
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24 Nov 2001 - Paradise Island, Dominican Republic

This was some of the best snorkelling I've ever done and with fins on you can go so deep with so little effort and spend about 10 seconds at the bottom looking at the coral, the fish and the distant surface above before realising that you need to breath and rocket to the surface. After finishing here the speedboat took us to the mangrove swamps and then to a ...Read Paradise Island blog»
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21 Nov 2001 - Sosua, Dominican Republic

I am normally an independent traveller who organises flight, accommodation all other travel by myself. However, this time I took an all inclusive 7 day holiday because it was cheap and then all I would have to pay for would be excursions and diving. My observations from this place was the divide between the wealthy (the tourists) and the local people. Quite ...Read Sosua blog»
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